Sadie Wall Art

Sadie Wall Art printed wall and canvas artwork

Buy 2 or 3 Wall Art products and get 15-20% off the total price.

About Us

This is Sadie, the Golden Retriever. She’s the inspiration for the name of my Wall Art store. She is such a beautiful dog who is loved by everyone in our family. Here she has carried her bowl to the kitchen and is waiting for her dinner.

She is not at all interested in Wall Art except to chew on if they were leaning against the wall.

Sadie girl waiting for a feed from owner of Wall art hanging business

I have always loved being surrounded by beautiful things in my home. My love for colourful, watercolour and creative art has been at the forefront of creating my Wall Art store.

The wall art on this site hopefully will appeal to everyone. Each day, new designs will be added, making sure there will be something for you.

Some of my own artwork I have created blending new & old technologies have  resulted in a new contemporary dimension of expression is below.

I hope you can find something beautiful for your home and love them as much as I do.

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