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Peacock of Many Colours Printed Poster Wall Art

Peacock of Many Colours Printed Poster Wall Art

Lyrebirds are a favourite subject for nature photographers and artists, thanks to their striking appearance and unique behaviour.

In many cultures, the lyrebird is a symbol of beauty, creativity, and musical talent. This artwork reflects these qualities, and how it is interpreted by different eyes.

The colour, composition, and texture of this artwork contributes to its overall aesthetic appeal. Examine how the lyrebird is positioned within the frame, and how it interacts in the background of other elements in the room. In this particular living room, the wall art blends with the comfy sofa giving the room warmth yet clean lines. The artist has given the artwork a sense of style and has captured its symbolism and aesthetic qualities.

Below are some other room settings you might want to try with this Lyrebird wall art.


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